The Daily Earth Chronicle is a project by Ron Williams for a wall 50 feet high, 250 feet long and 4 feet thick bisecting a semi-circular court 54 feet in diameter and eleven feet deep. A shelter 15 feet deep by 25 feet wide and eight feet high inside opens onto the court which has sides sloping up to grade at a ratio, horizontal to vertical, of 2 to 1.

There's a stairway inside the wall and a ladder at the top that allows one to climb to the top of the wall and walk its length. The walkway is a little more than two feet wide with a parapet. 


Side View

End View


45° Axonometric View

Sun from the Southwest

Model, Sun from the Southwest

Some copies of the early ONYX posters still exist in good condition. These and reproductions of other prints like the colored broadsheets and many of Ron's images are available. Go to the ONYX Gallery to see available ONYX works. 

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